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Securing Financing for Your Arizona Barndominium Made Simple

Navigating the world of barndominium financing in Arizona can seem daunting, but our expertise simplifies the process for you. While many lenders in Arizona impose stringent conditions like high down payments or superior credit scores for barndominium loans—or may not offer them at all—we excel in securing the optimal financing solutions for your project.

Barndominium financing

Simplified and Cost-effective Financing for New Construction in Arizona

Experience the convenience of a one-time close loan, combining the construction and permanent financing phases of your barndominium into one. This loan structure requires only one application and incurs a single set of closing costs. During construction, you benefit from interest-only payments, transitioning smoothly to a standard mortgage post-construction. The streamlined nature of this loan is especially appealing for new barndominium projects.

Comprehensive Support for Your Dream Barndominium

American Barndominium offers end-to-end support, ensuring you not only secure financing but also successfully build your dream home.

Detailed Construction Plans

Our comprehensive plans, detailing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical specifications, instill confidence in lenders.

Specialized Appraisers

Benefit from experienced insights into barndominium valuations, guaranteeing your investment is properly appraised.

Zoning Expertise

Our deep understanding of relevant zoning laws and requirements is crucial for the seamless approval and financing of your project.

Selecting the Ideal Loan for Your Needs

FHA Loans

Tailored for families with low to moderate income, government-backed FHA loans facilitate homeownership for buyers with lower credit scores or minimal down payment capabilities.

USDA Loans

Those constructing in eligible rural areas may benefit from competitive rates and zero down payment with USDA loans.

VA Loans

Veterans and their spouses can take advantage of competitive rates and the absence of a down payment requirement.

Conventional Loans

Ideal for those with solid credit, a stable income, and the ability to afford a 20% down payment, private loans are a viable option.

At American Barndominiums Financing, you may find all these loan types available as one-close construction loans.

Happy Clients with Barndominiums Financing

As a first-time homebuyer, the process of financing can be daunting. However, American Barndominiums made it seamless with their expertise in FHA Loans. Their team walked me through every step, providing detailed construction plans that reassured both me and the lenders. I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful barndominium, thanks to their comprehensive services and support.

Emily Thompson

I opted for a conventional loan for my barndominium project, and I couldn’t be happier with the support from American Barndominiums. Their comprehensive plans and expertise in zoning and appraisal made the financing process smooth. Their dedication to going beyond just financing helped me build my dream home with ease.

Alex Rivera

Living in a rural area, I thought building a barndominium would be complicated, but American Barndominiums proved me wrong. They specialize in USDA Loans, which was perfect for my situation. Their zoning expertise and specialized appraisers made the financing process straightforward, and now I have the perfect home for my family.

Marcus Johnson

American Barndominiums’ claim of full-service support is 100% true. From securing a conventional loan to navigating the construction and appraisal process, their team was there every step of the way. Their detailed plans and zoning knowledge were crucial in getting my project off the ground. I’m deeply grateful for their dedication.

Natalie Kim

As a veteran, I wanted to utilize a VA Loan for my barndominium. American Barndominiums’ team was incredibly knowledgeable about the VA Loan process. They provided detailed construction plans and had specialized appraisers who understood the unique value of barndominiums, ensuring I got the best deal possible. Their full-service support was invaluable.

Jessica Walters

The team at American Barndominiums is phenomenal. Not only did they help me secure a USDA Loan, but their full-service approach covered everything from construction plans to dealing with zoning. Their specialized appraisers and comprehensive support were key to the success of my barndominium project. They truly go beyond financing.

Derek Smith

Tested and tried for over 20 years

Identifying Premier Lenders for Barndominiums

Traditional financing routes may pose higher requirements—credit scores, interest rates, and down payments—to mitigate the perceived risks of barndominiums. Yet, with the right knowledge, barndominiums can be sound investments. Our expertise lies in identifying lenders adept at accurately budgeting, appraising, and offering loan terms suitable for your barndominium project.